Physical Therapy

The treatment of physical disabilities, injuries, or neurological disorders.

Signs Your Child may need Physical Therapy:

  • Difficulty rolling over or sitting up
  • Will not bear weight on legs or not walking by 16 months
  • Obvious limps or weaknesses
  • Sports Related Injuries
  • Postural pain in low back, hips or legs
  • Frequent falls or difficulty walking and running
  • Poor coordination and/or balance

Physical Therapy is the treatment of physical disabilities, sports injuries, and neurological disorders as they impact or hinder a child’s normal gross motor development. The Physical Therapist will use therapeutic exercise, manual techniques, modalities, and analysis of body movements to design a custom plan of care for your child. There are many forms of treatment available, so it is imperative that our highly trained licensed therapists fully assess your child and determine the proper form of treatment to meet your child’s specific needs.


An evaluation will be done by one of Pediatric Rehab licensed Physical Therapists as the first step in determining your child’s unique needs. During the evaluation, the therapist will gather relevant information from you, review medical information provided, perform standardized testing if pertinent, and observe your child’s movement patterns. The therapist will be able to identify the body or movement problems, and determine the best way to improve your child’s motor skills. If the child will benefit from skilled Physical Therapy, an individual plan will be established with your input, your child’s input, if applicable, and the child’s doctor.