We strive for rehabilitative excellence and cutting edge expertise, recognize that each of our patients is an individual, and work hard to incorporate this uniqueness in the care we provide. As the administrator of Pediatric Rehab by Wellness Care Centers, it is my commitment that QUALITY will be at the forefront of all we do. It is our goal for each patient to reach his or her fullest potential.

We welcome anyone to tour any of our facilities, or call us with any additional questions.

Tina Condit, Operations Manager


Physical Therapy

Pediatric Rehab physical therapists have a deep understanding of the issues associated with the body and movement. There are many forms of treatment available, so it is imperative that our highly trained therapists fully assess your child and determine the proper form of treatment for your child and their specific needs.



Occupational Therapy

At Pediatric Rehab, we focus on the treatment of your child’s cognitive, sensory, and physical disabilities to encourage growth. Our highly educated and skilled Occupational Therapists will give your child the steps necessary to be more independent, while maximizing their life skills and enhancing their natural abilities.



Speech Therapy

Your child may have difficulty putting words together, producing sounds, or comprehending language. A language or speech pathologists are trained in the development of human communication. Our speech therapists understand speech disorders and the proper techniques to give your child the power to communicate more effectively.



Feeding Therapy

At Pediatric Rehab we provide comprehensive oral motor and feeding evaluations. Our therapists provide excellent intervention to help improve oral motor and swallowing difficulties associated with limited feeding abilities. Our goal driven team of therapists can help children develop typical, effective and safe feeding skills. At Pediatric Rehab we involve caregivers to help transition therapeutic skills into everyday use in order to promote progress and help make eating enjoyable.



Counseling & Social Services

Pediatric Rehab Social Workers will conduct research, advocate for services and assistance for the family and bridge the gap between children and their families. Our caring social workers will be a giant step in the right direction for the overall development of your child’s ability to function in society.